Do You Drink And Drive?

This video is something I have no words for… It’s shocking… I mean, really. Should make you stop drinking… or driving… or both.

Made by Leo Burnett London, if you wonder. Great job, but I am judging from this side of the screen — not sure I would be saying this in the loo, though :)

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AXE Peace Calls For Peace In An Amazing Commercial

I can’t help sharing this AXE’s contribution to Super Bowl. Amazing turn of events, it might make you weep like a little girl. Well done, Axe Peace, with the call for Peace :)

Axe Peace 01 Axe Peace 02

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Ad For Beans Is Fake… Unfortunately

This mock commercial for Beans produced by Cinesite is aimed at demonstrating the animation skills of the company. I only wish it were real :) Great animation, but what a fabula!.. especially the ending :)

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The Ultimate Musical Impersonator

I’ve really lost count of how many impersonations Christina Bianco did in this 6.37 stand-up show, but WOW, she is amazing! And not only she pitches the right voice, she copies the mimics of her “victims” so well! Truly, the Ultimate Impersonator! :)

Special thanks for the song choice of  one of my favourites “Total Eclypse Of My Heart”.

And, absolutely MUST SEE:

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S Oil Rethinks Easy and Fun Parking in Seoul

It’s no secret how time-, effort-, and nerve-consuming a parking procedure could be in crowded city. Seoul is one the world’s most car-crowded places, and, according to the video below, each driver wastes a liter of gas each month just in search for a space to place his or her car.

See the simple creative solution from S Oil and Cheil agency: “Here” ballons rise up when a parking lot is free, and drops down when a car is parked.

Nicely done :)

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A viral video that sells

Here’s a quick story for a viral success. You must have seen at least one dash cam video from Russia. They are som many, we start seeing ones specifically made to promote products.

Here below is a viral video made by the Russian agency Smetana. The video features a talking hamster toy, who repeats sounds after you. The car is stopped by a policeman who is then trolled by the hamster. The video is hilarious, it has collected over 1.5 mln hits on YouTube, and the load of simultaneous visitors to the the online store selling the hamster, crashed the store’s website for a while.

Enjoy the video here below:

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I Wish That There’s No Death For Children (Kaysyn Kuliev)

I came across this video shared by one of my Facebook friends. The lyrics were written by my compatriot – Kaysyn Kuliev – one of the best poets of his time (1917 – 1985)…  One of the best poets ever, if you ask me. Just couldn’t help trying a lame translation. I couldn’t find the poem in the original – Balkarian – language, so I had to use the Russian version. At least the vid will be more understandable to my English-speaking friends… ‘Cause it needs to be understood, really… Enjoy :)

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I’ve seen it all in days and nights of life,
I’ve tasted all the grief that I’ve been given,
And if there’s any good to which I’ll ever strive,
I’ll wish that there’s no death for children.

I know my dream will never come to be,
I know that Death will take them with no mercy,
Still, I will not stop to repeat:
I wish that there’s no death for children.

A tree will never bloom again in spring,
If there’s no dream that winter ever ends,
A simple thing’s impossible to bring,
If I’m in doubt that world is in my hands.

I see the world as is: no colors changed.
I see my life as is: as God has given,
And yet I know, my dream is all arranged:
I wish that there’s no death for children.

P.S. Thanks, Infectme, for the video.

P.P.S. Today is Kaysyn Kuliev’s birthday, by the way…

Evencki: Size Does Matter

I am sure that we all have heard that saying applied to almost anything, however, it is exceptionally true when it comes to bed linen. If your linen is too loose or too tight, it will definitely affect your sleep, and remember a good night’s rest is priceless. Although, many linen sizes have become standardized, some of us still have some pillows or comforters that we just cannot get a perfect fit for, no matter how far and wide we search.

But search no more, ’cause my friend Karolina at Evencki will make custom linen to exact specifications that you provide and you can get a perfect fit made specially for you. You can also select the style, color, or material that you would like to use with your linen. Also, she offers the option to have your linen monogrammed to truly give an original look. You no longer have to waste time searching for the perfect fit for your linen. With Evencki you can do everything online from the comfort of your home.

You simply select what you would like your linen to look like and Evencki will take care of the rest! Go check out the nice user-friendly website – you should find it useful if you like a good night sleep or just a little rest on a couch :)

Fruit And Vegetable Carving by Dimitri Tsykalov

Russian-born artist  Dimitri Tsykalov, who lives and works in Paris now, does amazing carving job with different fruits and vegetables.

I’m guessing, with these skulls his Halloween parties are visited by lots of curious fans :)

Be careful when visiting his website, though, ’cause these skulls are not the creepiest works in his portfolio…

Som Sabadell Flashmob: Beethoven Salutes Bank’s Anniversary

We see flashmobs more and more often these days. But this one seems pretty moving – I’m not sure is it the choice of music or something else, but I was seconds away from tears :)

This even was arranged by Banco Sabadell in Catalonia, on its 130th anniversary. As many as 100 people Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l’Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs participated in the flashmob, and they really did an amazing job performing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. I wish I could witness that :)

Have a look and enjot the event below here…

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